Monday, March 27, 2017

Praise and Worship (2016) The Meaning of True Praise and Worship

“How many churches are filled with people on Sunday mornings in this country with no genuine worshippers in them?… churches are filled with sleeping people (if not physically, spiritually) on Sunday.” (Praise and Worship, 63)

As both a preacher's kid and a worship leader's wife, I have been to many churches. I have seen many services. I have been the member of many choirs and worship teams. I have sung many songs ranging from traditional hymns to modern worship. I have seen churches soar. I have seen churches sink.

I truly understand the utmost importance of effective worship. A church's survival often stands on the success of its worship. It calms a troubled spirit. It frees the mind from focus on stressful day to day tasks. It sets the mood for the entire service. A properly constructed service begins and ends with worship.

So, it is an immense privilege to review Praise and Worship by Dr. Victor Morgan, a nonfiction study exploring the meaning of praise and worship as a . It also illustrates the importance of its potential. Such a book is entirely necessary in today's culture in which the act of praise and worship is often limited to a half hour singing session once a week.

Instead, Dr. Morgan shines a much broader light on the topic and takes it beyond the church walls as the necessary dedicated, unrelenting action of every believer. He does more than define praise and worship. He also explains the difference between the two, explains what we must do to properly worship, and provides many prime examples from the Bible. These Biblical examples are unique and challenging interpretations of Scripture.

Morgan answers controversial questions:
Why does God allow bad things to happen?
Why doesn't God physically intercede in our lives?
Why did God allow Satan to tempt Eve?
Why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his only son?
How could Abraham agree to kill his only son?

I originally sought out this book due to an extreme crisis involving my husband's Worship Department that resulted in our uncharacteristic decision to walk away. In my search for answers, I discovered Dr. Morgan's book. It did more than answer my questions regarding my crisis. It answered theological questions I have been asking through most of my walk with God.

Not only do my husband and I have to expand our options, we must go back to the beginning. We must reevaluate our faith. We must reignite our passion for God's work through music, his gift to us. Though we are uncertain of our future in Worship Ministry, I am confident we can stay on the right path while armed with the knowledge given by Dr. Victor Morgan.

Read this inspiring study from Amazon (Link 2) or Google.