Sunday, November 6, 2016

Married By Christmas (2016) A New Level of Sibling Rivalry

Married By Christmas takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Even in my experience as one of seven. In the case of executive Carrie Tate and restaurateur Katie Tate, the sisters embark on a race to the alter in order to inherit the family business, Emerson Foods.

As the third youngest of seven children, even I was shocked by the amount of animosity and competition between the sisters. As a wife, I am offended by her behavior. Marriage is a serious contract, one that should not be used as a legal loophole.

However, it is a brilliant illustration of how dedicated Carrie is to her work. She puts her job above relationships, above self-care, and above family. She even blurs the line between personal and professional. Her lack of professional courtesy while on the job is enough to make one question her ability to lead Emerson Foods.

During her devious plan, never once does she consider the sins she commits against her sister and the company:

  • She doesn't communicate her plans to her family.
  • She plans to divorce her mystery husband almost immediately and after she takes the company.
  • She would be robbing her sister of her own bridal thunder or the chance to be a Matron of Honor.
  • She is also robbing the company of the opportunity to go in a new direction that Katie and her future brother-in-law could provide.
  • Above all, she would rob herself of future opportunities and a meaningful relationship.

Will she go through with her plan? Or will God open her eyes?

Tune in to UPTV tonight at 7 p.m. to find out.

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