Monday, September 26, 2016

Concussion (2015) An Impartial Point of View

Based on a true story, Concussion depicts the heartbreaking journey of Dr. Bennet Omalu in 2005 when he makes a groundbreaking medical discovery.

“Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes, military veterans, and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma.” (Concussion Legacy Foundation)

Dr. Bennet Omalu is a brilliant and devoted neuropathologist. He is also a devout Christian with a heart of gold, a deep compassion for the victims he examines, and a drive for the truth. He does his job very well, because he heeds his instincts. It is those instincts that leads him to his discovery, a discovery that could save lives.

So, what is the problem?

There shouldn't be a problem.

Dr. Bennet Omalu simply does his job.

What does he get for his revolutionary discovery? His credibility is questioned and attacked. He is shunned. He is called un-American. He and his wife are harassed, and the tremendous stress leads to an even greater loss. His boss is investigated. There appears to be no end to the reach of the football world, and they use it to shut down a humble doctor. Meanwhile, people continue to die in confusing and terrifying ways.

Dr. Omalu has the truth on his side. No amount of money and power can bring them close to the power of the truth. No amount of pulled strings or character assassinations can get in the way. They cannot deny the rising body count, especially the death of a powerful football veteran. Inevitably, Dr. Omalu wins his turn to speak.

Luke 8:17 says, "For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all." (NLT)

There are few things I find more despicable in this world than abuse of power, and those who enable it are no better. It sends the message that the only people who deserve justice are those with money or high rank, and it gives them an unchristian sense of entitlement. What happens to Dr. Omalu over his pursuit of the truth is a travesty.

It makes me glad that I never wasted a second of my attention on professional football. Like Dr. Bennet Omalu, my sight is not tainted by prejudice against the pure intention of saving lives. I celebrate Dr. Bennet Omalu for his genius, his devotion, and his kindness. Despite all opposition, his discovery led to better care for athletes and veterans. He prevents death. Let us all celebrate him.

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