Thursday, July 14, 2016

Major Risks Involving the Pokemon Go App

Pokemon Go is an overnight sensation. It is a mobile game where the player must physically catch Pokemon creatures or "a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game." (Wikipedia)

It encourages users to get up, go outside, and walk around. The only way to catch Pokemon creatures is to walk to the place on the map provided. Its popularity skyrocketed over night. Myriads of people are going outside. The main street in town was crowded with people today playing this game. 

This is encouraging considering how notorious our current culture is for our lack of exercise due to gaming. I'm saying we all are guilty of this. I am merely addressing a stereotype. In fact, I commend all of those who make wellness a priority. Therefore, I am pleased that a game finally exists that encourages exercise.

There is, however, a severe down side to this. While the massive highway accident story (and other stories like it) have been proven to be a hoax, there have been other accidents related to the game. One driver crashed his car into a tree while playing the game and driving. Talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal in my state. Texting while driving is illegal in my state. Playing this game is exponentially more dangerous than talking or texting. 

Words cannot express how dangerous this is. NEVER play and drive. NEVER. 

It has also been reported on the radio that some employees are frustrated over the way players disrupt their business. Other reports include falls, stumbles, sunburns, and bike accidents. 

To all Pokemon Go players, I urge you to always be vigilant while playing. Be aware of cars while crossing the street. Be aware of pedestrians while walking on the sidewalk. Be aware of the businesses you disrupt while walking into buildings. 

Be aware. BE AWARE. BE AWARE. For the love of God, be aware.

No game is worth the risk of a human life. Pursue wellness in all manners. This includes safety.

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