Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Last Witch Hunter (2015) The Power of Purpose

The Last Witch Hunter is a film based on the role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons, and the main character Kaulder is based on Vin Diesel’s role playing character.

One of the primary rules of writing fantasy is not to base the story off of a role playing game. However, there are exceptions to every rule. This is happily one of those exceptions. The story holds its own along with subtle nods to the game. Unlike its fantastical D&D based relatives, it is well-written and well-acted with amazing CGI effects.

The hero, Kaulder, is an immortal human fighter whose soul purpose becomes to manage (ranging from confiscating artifacts and inspecting witch’s establishments to arresting and killing rogue witches) the supernatural world of witches who agree to peaceful cohabitation with humans.

However, that doesn’t bode well of one witch in particular. The same witch who in her dying breath robs Kaulder of his heart’s greatest desire: to reunite with his family in the afterlife. Believed to be dead, she lies in wait to be resurrected and finish her intention to annihilate the human race with the Black Death.

This film is very unique with portrayal of immortality. It becomes a curse upon hero instead of a lust for the villain. It being a curse, Kaulder would have happily given it up to be with his family in the afterlife. His heart aches for them, thus nullifying it as a sacrifice.

His true sacrifice is the decision to stay alive. He is the only one in the world with the skills, knowledge, and strength to protect the world from the evil that seeks to destroy it. The decision, though heartbreaking, is necessary, and he makes it willingly.

Proverbs 19:21 says, “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” (NLT)

What a profound reminder to the rest of us. We only have one life to live with limited time to find and achieve our divine calling. Unlike Kaulder, we don’t have centuries at our disposal.

Have you discovered your calling? How much of your valuable time are you spending to achieve it?

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