Friday, December 18, 2015

Toy Story (1995) 20 Year Anniversary

On November 22, 1995, Toy Story, a revolutionary film premiered.
I remember seeing that film in theaters and being amazed by the story. It was the first film to be fully computer animated, the beginning of a animation revolution. The story was creative and relate-able. I saw a lot of myself in Andy, an imaginative child who loves his toys.
What child could not relate to Andy and the games he played?
What child hasn't imagined his/her toys coming to life?... See More

P2 (2007) Learning Priorities for Christmas

Imagine the terror of being locked in a dark parking garage with only the light of your small cell phone to guide you. No friends. No car. No reception. No way to contact the outside world.
Such a unique scenario is the basis of this Christmas thriller. It is Christmas Eve, and Angela, a workaholic executive, is the last to leave the office... as usual. The last thing she suspects when she clocks out and walk to her car is that she would spend half the night trapped in that garage with a mentally unstable security guard named Thomas. See More

Holiday In Handcuffs (2007) Owning Her Calling

Call me a sap, but I rate Holiday in Handcuffs as one of my favorite Christmas films. Despite its TV Movie status, it is a brilliant comedy/romance.
Trudy is a struggling artist/waitress with an insufferable family. They are so insufferable that she dreads the idea of joining them for Christmas with nothing to impress them. She fails at an interview with a promising job, and she hasn't yet established herself as an artist. Her only hope in surviving the holidays is her successful boyfriend... until he dumps her. See More

Pan (2015) Neverland’s Savior

In light of the Christmas season, Pan wouldn't appear to be of much relevance. On the surface it is a fantastical origin story of one of the most famous Disney stories of all time, Peter Pan.
The original Peter Pan is the story of a strange flying boy who takes three English children to his home world, Neverland, in an attempt to keep them together. Neverland is a world of which every child dreams. Magic, tree houses, waterfalls, mermaids, Indians, pirates, fairies, and above all, the opportunity to stay young and carefree forever. See More