Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Monk (2002 – 2009) The Ultimate Love Story

Monk remains one of my favorite crime series of all time. The story of Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective plagued with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His personality makes him very difficult to deal with. However, he has an incredible attention to detail that makes him invaluable to the San Francisco Police Department.

Police work is all he knows. All he has. All that keeps him functional. Adrian Monk is a man with a strong sense of purpose. He knows what he can do, he does it well, and he does it with the best intentions. No obstacle is too big in his search for truth. Public opinion doesn't matter to him. People try and fail to intimidate and threaten him. He takes no bribes. Not even his crippling fear of germs can stop him. When it comes to saving lives and bringing justice, he sets aside everything to achieve his goals.

His work ethic is inspiring, especially with his ultimate mystery. Who killed his wife? It takes him twelve long years and a murder attempt, but he solves it nonetheless. In those twelve years, he shows an unyielding devotion to Trudy. Even though she has passed on, Monk only explores three possible relationships, but they do not work. The idea of being with any other woman than Trudy is inconceivable to him. He loves her too much. Her untimely demise nearly destroys him.

He is just as devoted to Trudy before they meet as he is after she passes away. He remains virtuous until their marriage, and he remains faithful to her right up to the finale. Meanwhile, he treats every other woman he encounters with dignity and respect, especially his assistants Sharona and Natalie. He is a perfect gentleman if ever I saw one.

People don't understand Adrian Monk, because he struggles with interaction. He can also be obsessive and difficult to work with. However, it is a small price to pay considering the service he provides. Never in my life have I seen someone with such a strong devotion. To his wife. To his colleagues. To his work. And to every murder victim to whom he brings justice.

Adrian Monk inspires me. He is the embodiment of the phrase, actions speak louder than words. He has taught me to embrace my own anti-social, hyper-observant personality as long as I use it for good.

Though the show has been off the air for the past six years, I remain a fan of the show. I will always love Adrian Monk. It is the kind of show that will never age.

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