Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jurassic World (2015) When will they learn?

My first impression of this film was, “When will they learn?!”

For this is the fourth Jurassic film, the fourth time these people attempt to play God, and the fourth complete disaster.

This time, the creators of Jurassic World somehow manages to successfully and safely run the park for several years. With every passing year, the scientists become bolder with their experiments and creations. Bigger. Scarier. More teeth. Their greed is insatiable. The pressure is crushing.

The amount of research and funding going into this theme park should enough to raise eye brows. It begs the question: what is their real goal here?

It is unfortunate that the answers don't come until after disaster strikes putting thousands of innocent lives at risk. The purpose of these experimented animals goes far beyond mere entertainment. There is indeed a much more sinister plan in place. Certain people from within the program blissfully seek to use these animals as weapons, “assets”, and something to control.

However, it becomes quickly evident that the risk is far greater than the rewards. In order for them to become effective weapons, they would need to be controlled. These animals could never be controlled. Otherwise, the animals can and do turn on them in a heart beat, thus becoming an enemy instead of an asset.

The island of Jurassic World turns from a theme park into a terrifying Pandora's Box, and many people pay the price. Only the few characters who treat the animals with fear and respect they deserve manage to secure their own safety. They come to realize how dangerous it is to play with nature.

If only everyone could learn that lesson. The devastating cliffhanger suggests there is more to come...

How many more will it take? At least one more.

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