Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Yesterday, I encountered the third of however many more hack attempts on my website. Fortunately, it was also one of two FAILED attempts. So, the only thing I suffered was the stall of my Goosebumps preview.
At first, I would tell myself these attacks reflect how well I've been doing my job. The things I write are meant to challenge my readers, and I can't help if people feel uncomfortable with my words. In fact, they should feel uncomfortable.
On the other hand, I also wonder if there is something else these attackers want from me. It can't be money, because everything I provide on this website is free of charge.
I may never know what they want from me.
The important thing is that I remain secure. Idetentity theft and internets hacks are a very real threat. It is imperative that we understand this and take drastic measures to protect ourselves.
The second thing I want my attackers to know is that they can never and will never stop me. As long as the Lord inspires me, I will continue to write, whether it be through Christ in Culture or some other media.
God gave me this gift. I was born with this calling. Writing was my focus in college. I even write novels in my spare time. I will never stop writing. So, bring it on. I am not afraid of you. Your attempts to cripple me have failed and will continue to fail. Even if you do succeed in hacking Christ In Culture, you will gain nothing from it.
To my readers, I continue to urge you to stay safe. Always stay safe. Change your passwords regularly. Stay off shady websites. Scan your computers for virises, malware, and spyware.
For more details on internet security, please regard my previous post about security.

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