Saturday, October 24, 2015

Goosebumps (2015) Tearing down walls

Goosebumps is a fantastical story with a brilliant mix of humor and horror where every monster from every Goosebumps book comes to life.

The film opens on a new kid in town. It becomes immediately evident that he struggles with the many changes in his life. The move from the great city of New York to a small town in Delaware is hard enough, but it's even worse that his own mother works at his new school or that his new friend is the most awkward boy in school. However, all of these things pale in comparison to the recent death of his father.

In such a situation, it would be expected to the poor boy to wall himself off to the people close to him, but his walls are nothing compared to the walls put up by his neighbor. He is rude, controlling, and very secretive. What can Zach make of it?

The last things he would have suspected is that his reclusive neighbor is none other than famous children's horror author R.L.Stine. In his house, Zach discovers a bookshelf filled with manuscripts. Each one harbors a real monster. Each monster is written into existence though Stine's anger at the world and his desire to hurt it.

It is not until his wish comes true and the monsters are released upon Madison and he is forced to team up with Zach, Champ, and his daughter Hanna that he realizes the true value of real relationships. Once he lets go of his anger at the world is he able to save it from his own creations. He writes his own story in which he traps his monsters once and for all, and he emerges a changed man.

Through their adventure, Stine and Zach help each other tear down their walls and move forward with happy, open lives. They both find love. They both make friends. They both develop a deep respect for each other.

Goosebumps is much like the books it represents with humor, horror, twists, and above all personal growth.

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