Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ex_Machina (2015) Playing With Fire

Ex_Machina is a mystery that can boggle with the mind. Artificial Intelligence is growing more possible with the progression of technology. However, we must be conscious of just how intelligent our robots become. It is a dangerous road to walk.
This is a lesson Nathan unfortunately learns the hard way. Nathan, an arrogant man who idealizes himself Godlike, invents his own Artificial Intelligence named Eva. It is the first of her kind and the most intelligent and lifelike robot of its time.
But to play God is to play with fire.
Even more dangerous than the robot is the game Nathan decides to play with it. He uses young and lonely Caleb to interact with it in order to subject him to its manipulation.
How far would it go to escape? Or to survive?
What Nathan fails to realize is the answer to those questions:
As far as it takes.
Eva may be intelligent, but it is alien to any human emotion. It has no sense of right and wrong. It possesses no empathy, love, or kindness. All it possesses is the insatiable will to survive.
Unleashed upon the world, and we have a recipe for disaster. It would have all the appearance of a human, all manipulative powers of a woman, and no conscience.
Nathan plays with fire in his attempt to play God and pays the ultimate price. This ending left me feeling outraged. His fate is unnecessary, but it is a fate he brings upon himself.
However, it also gives me a sense of awe. Nathan's failures act as evidence to the absolute complexities of a human structure. It is a feat only God can achieve. We as humans are His greatest work of art. Treasured, loved, and impossible to replicate.
Praise be to Him.

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