Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dr. Phil (2002 - Present) Fourteen Years Strong

The fourteenth season the The Dr. Phil Show premiered in September, and already it's proving to be a compelling year. Of all the shows to be on air for over a decade, Dr. Phil absolutely deserves to be. And I hope to see fourteen more.
Dr. Phil is my hero. In the four years I have frequented his show, he has taught me more about how to handle the problems in my life than anyone else has in my life's entirety.
Here are a few of his characteristics that I admire:
1. He cannot be intimidated.
2. He has zero tolerance for abusers and bullies.
3. He hates drama.
4. His key interest lies with achieving a peaceful, healthy living for all of his guests.
5. He is not afraid to stand up for himself, his family, and his staff.
6. He is incredibly generous.
7. His language is clean, objective, and clear.
After watching his show for four years and striving to follow his example, I feel as if I have become a better person. Now, I have a goal in life to set these examples for those around me, especially for my nieces and nephew. I can only pray that I have a fraction of the success that Dr. Phil has had.
God bless this amazing man and his campaign to make the world a better place.
Stay tuned on OWN for his daily episodes. Also visit his website for the multitude of services and resources available.

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