Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Facing Inner Demons

The remake of this classic horror films surpasses the original, a genuinely terrifying and suspenseful story. It is one of my favorite horror films of all time. The cinematography is absolutely brilliant making it almost impossible to tell the difference between the real world and their dream worlds.
A group of teenagers with a shared secretive history all become haunted by the same dark figure, an evil ghost who seeks to punish them all for causing his own demise. However, he can only attack them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they are safe.
However, the body needs sleep. Sooner or later, they all fall asleep. Their attempts to avoid and deny their affliction cannot last for long. Not only that, but they make matters worse by isolating themselves and pushing away their friends. Not coffee, energy drinks, prescription drugs, or even adrenaline can keep them awake.
This monster picks them off one by one until there remain only two. Confronting this monster is inevitable. So, the remaining two, Nancy and Quentin, embark on a journey to find the truth behind this gruesome figure, and what they find is unspeakable. However, the truth also gives them the motivation to destroy this demon once and for all.
It is not until they destroy him that they are able to find peace and get their much needed rest. These unfortunate young people are unable to suppress the truth. Their ignorance and isolation cost many of them their lives.
Nancy and Quentin are only spared because they work together and find the truth. Not only do they face their demon, but they tackle it head on.

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