Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Seventh Son

Based on the book by Joseph Delaney, Seventh Son is an exciting, fantastical story of good vs. evil. Thomas Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son, becomes the recruit of Master Gregory, the last witch hunter call a Spook, after the escape of Mother Malkin, the queen of witches.

She immediately launches a campaign to eliminate all Spooks and rule the world. Unfortunately for Thomas and Gregory, they are the last of the Spooks. Even more unfortunately, Thomas must learn everything necessary to become a Spook in one week.

Time isn't the only thing working against them. While the two struggle with training, Mother Malkin assembles an army of witches, warlocks, and other dark creatures to ambush the two Spooks and the villages that support them.

Can two men compete with a powerful legion?

While his paternity is no mystery, his maternity comes as to a complete surprise. Thomas is one of a kind, a seventh son and the son of a witch. He represents the union of two competing worlds. This mix makes him more powerful than any other Spook. He is the only one with the power to defeat the dark forces working against him. He is the only one capable of wielding weapons belongs to both Spooks and witches. The combination of both weapons enables him to defeat darkness.

Being the child of both worlds, Thomas struggles to chose a side. His heart is compassionate. He does not allow prejudice to determine his actions. He cannot even bring himself to kill his supposed enemies. He is the only one compassionate enough not to express a prejudice against the world of which he is unfamiliar unlike Gregory with his prejudice against witches and Malkin with her prejudice against humans.

No good comes from such an attitude. One prejudice cannot fix or replace another. Thomas' unique situation grants everyone around him the opportunity to overcome prejudice entirely. For it is prejudice that leads to hate, and that hate leads to darkness. Mother Malkin fancies herself a queen of darkness. In truth, she is a slave to it, and it inevitably consumes her until she falls.

Scripture gives us such a warning: "There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death." (Proverbs 14:12

Our choices make us what we are. Not our heritage. Not our gifts. Not even our teachers. If we do not choice a path of compassion, understanding and love, then the choices we make may lead down a path of darkness and destruction.

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