Sunday, July 12, 2015

Archie relaunch redefines portrayal of women.

I grew up in a home littered with Archie comic books. Each story portraying two best friends: wealthy, high-maintenance brunette Veronica Lodge and middle-class, tomboy blonde Betty Cooper. The two could not be more different, except for one thing. Their relentless, romantic desire for Archie Andrews. When it comes to the womanizing "heartthrob", these foils become the same doe-eyed drama queen.

Despite several years of their unrelenting, frustrating battle to win the heart of Archie Andrews, they don't seem to let it affect their friendship. I will admit, the stories were entertaining and the story somewhat addicting. However, there were a few things about the story of Archie I struggled to understand.
  1. Could two friends be so different?
  2. Could two friends pursue the same person so openly?
  3. Do their competitive pursuits fail to destroy their friendship?
  4. Do either one of them really love Archie.
 The comic says yes. Reality says no.

The comics always seemed to reek of unlikeliness, and it caused a certain detachment between the the Archie characters and my empathy for them. I never felt a connection with Betty or Veronica. Above all, they lacked a true connection to Archie.

There is so much more to a high school friendship than competition over a boy. My relationship with my high school best friend was (and remains) to be one of the most meaningful friendships I ever had. We shared a passion for music. We enjoyed many sleepovers together. She introduced me to the finest youth group in town.She was there for me in some of the brightest and darkest moments in my life.

She was :a bridesmaid in my wedding, standing along side my two sisters. For she is like a sister to me.

Proverbs 18:24 says, "There are 'friends' who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother."

Show me a comic that embodies a friendship like that, like one I had in high school, and I would vow to become a life long subscriber.

 The promise of a more realistic dynamic between Archie, Betty, and Veronica gives me high hopes. The remake of Archie seeks to develop these two characters into their own women. From the preview I have seen, Betty embodies a true tomboy with lose fitting clothes and an interest in fixing cars.
 I can tell in one page what she shares with Archie is a passionate, heartbreaking relationship. It felt so real I felt as if I'd been transported back to my old high school days.

 It also develops the character of Archie himself. His new handsome features finally matches the aesthetic of a chick magnet. He is also portrayed as a sensitive guy with feelings and a breakable heart. In fact, the series begins in the midst of his struggle with the break up with his childhood sweetheart, Betty Cooper.

 This is a comic series that I would seriously consider collecting. I can't wait to see what happens between Archie and Betty, and how Veronica appears in the story.
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