Sunday, December 14, 2014

While She Was Out

Some will say, "Difficult times develop character."

Others say, "Difficult times reveal character."

I have to say I prefer the latter. True character is always bubbling beneath the surface. Some people just need an extra push to show it. Such is the case with housewife Della Myers. Beneath the surface she is a strong mother who would absolutely anything for her children. Beneath the surface she is an educated, intelligent and hard working woman. Beneath the surface she cannot tolerate threats and abuse. Beneath the surface she is an advocate for justice. Above the surface she is an insecure battered housewife incapable of making decisions.

Christmas Eve in a desperate attempt to escape her husband's rage she takes an unwise trip to the mall. Of course, the mall is crowded and noisy, and parking is a nightmare. In a single heated moment she provokes a group of selfish hooligans, which escalates into a battle for her life. Those four hooligan chase her into the woods with the intend to kill her.

All she has to protect herself is a toolbox and her mama bear instincts. Her desire to see her children again what drives her to survive. She not only protects herself, but also she fights to protect her children. At any time the hooligan could drive her her home and murder her family, meaning there is no room for failure. 

In a moment of panic and rage, she screams to God, "Where are you?"

That is a question we all ask at one point or another.

"Where are you, God?"
"How could you let this happen?"
"Why have you forsaken me?"

It the number one question nonbelievers throw in the face of Christians.
"If God is real, why would he let this happen to me?"

However, I believe God was with Della. He was inside of her driving her to fight, to survive, and to discover her self worth.

Della embarks on a remarkable journey filled with danger, violence, and temptation. In doing so, she discovers the survivor inside of her, the same survivor she takes home and uses to put an end to her husband's abuse and achieves her independence. 

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