Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Town that Came A-Courtin’

This is a film that takes meddling friends and neighbors to a whole new level. Though I cannot imagine the event in Bliss, Mississippi anything close to reality, there is a certain level of entertainment involved, not to mention a feeling of comfort for the hero, Mayor Spencer Alexander. Bliss is a town that truly loves their mayor, and it knows a genuine lady when they see one.

When independent author Abby Houston passes through Bliss during a book tour, she doesn't stand a chance resisting the pleas of Bliss’ citizens. All they want is to go on a date with their tragically lonely mayor. However, a series of hysterical misconceptions and disasters cause the failure of three attempted dates.

Despite it all, not a soul can deny the spark between them, except, of course, for Abby’s obsessive fan. With everyone in town focusing their attention on hooking up the couple, no one noticed an awkward, little man following Abby around town making it easy for him to abduct her from a public parking lot.

Fortunately, Spencer is able to accept his feelings for Abby enough to sense something amiss and begin a campaign to save her.

Of all the Uplifting Entertainment films I've reviewed, I can honestly say that Town That Came A-Courtin’ is my favorite so far. It contains humor, drama, adventure, romance, and tragedy. Most importantly, it contains unconditional love. As infuriating and meddling as that town behaves, it is a comfort to see how much they love. 

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