Friday, November 7, 2014

Ineffective Election Campaigns

Have you ever noticed how Christmas songs and advertisements begin the day after Halloween. Stores even put out Christmas decorations before Halloween. I know people who find that extremely annoying. Personally I don't mind Christmas tunes in November, because there is one thing I find more annoying.

November 4th is also over, which mean all of those awful, hateful campaign ads are gone. They were so bad I couldn't play the radio at work, because I didn't want my customers to hear the unreasonable amount of inappropriate allegations. It's embarrassing. And ineffective. The thing I look for in a candidate is good sportsmanship. The more candidates focus on attacking their opponents, the less I feel inclined to vote for them.

If that isn't bad enough I couldn't help but notice the night of November 3rd was particularly aggressive. Not only was the television saturated with commercials, but also the house received several phone calls from campaigns representatives reminding us for whom to vote.

Now, the air waves are clear of hateful accusation, and I can enjoy listening to the radio again. I would much rather listen to the songs of my favorite holiday.

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