Sunday, November 9, 2014

Far From Home

One hit wonder author and struggling associate professor Nicholas Boyd is suddenly called back to his childhood home when his uncle Charles dies. We learn very early in the film that he spends his youth with a great passion for writing. However, somewhere along the way that passion completely extinguishes.

With no direction and family bridges burned, fifteen years pass without a single trip home until he receives an invitation to his uncle’s funeral. Instead of a simple funeral he finds himself plunged in a campaign to save the small, idyllic island from developers. Charles knew even before he died that Nicholas could finish that campaign.

Above all, we learn of a falling out between Charles and Nicholas that causes him to leave home and motivates him to write his one famous novel. Whatever the incident (they don’t say until near the end), he struggles to forgive.

It isn’t until he opens up about this incident does he finally let go of his anger enough to take a good look at his uncle’s work and figure out his plan to save the island from a serious threat.

Letting go is hard. Forgiving is hard. However, I never heard of an instance where the choice to forgive hasn’t been beneficial health and welfare of one’s quality of life. It opens our eyes the real threats around us. Keep your vision clear from the clutter of frivolous issues. Keep your life’s passions alive.

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