Sunday, September 28, 2014


It would appear that the website among millions of others has been hacked by the Russians. The original URL: no longer functions. Fortunately, none of my readers' information is compromised, because my services are free. Fortunately, I keep a back up of my posts on this blog. However, other sites from small businesses to top companies have also been hacked putting millions of credit cards and identities at risk.

In a day and age where the internet is such a vital part our everyday lives, we must be careful about our security. YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL, especially when it comes to your financial security. I personally believe that privacy is a right, and no one should ever make you feel otherwise. You must do everything you can to stay safe.

For further information on how to keep yourself secure online, you may check my husband's blog:

As a writer I have learned to back up everything. I have several memory sticks. I email documents to myself at least once a week. In this case, I have my backup blog. These hackers may have taken down my website, but my work remains available. I will continue to write. I will persevere.

I will not let this string of events take me down. Neither should you. Stay safe, my friends.

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