Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus - Sex sells.

I'm not exactly sad to say I missed the MTV Video Music Awards in August, but I certainly heard about it the next day. Both the internet and news broadcasts can't seem to get enough of Miley Cyrus these days. To be honest, I can't wait for this to blow over.

"Miley Cyrus on drugs" is one of the top searches on Google.

Her music video of "Wrecking Ball" is a top video on YouTube.

And don't even get me started on the news stations. Every single day since August 25th.
Miley Cyrus - this. Miley Cyrus - that. May I see some real news, please?

It is true that Miley Cyrus' behavior has become nothing short of erratic. Let's face it: she's not sweet, little Hanna Montana anymore; she's a grown woman who's trying desperately to hold onto her career in a sex-obsessed world. Hanna Montana isn't going to keep her image alive. Sex will.

So, here's my ultimate question: Why is everyone so surprised?

I have a theory: it would have been one thing to act sexy on the stage at the VMA's. Miley went a step further. She acted nutty. I don't know what men think of her performance. For me, there was nothing sexy about it. Maybe she failed because of her inability to dance. Maybe it was that hideous haircut. Maybe she intentionally failed. Whatever the intention, the fact remains that she was successful in getting fifteen more minutes in the spotlight. In fact, she was more than successful.

Everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus. We've given her exactly what she wanted. Here's my concern. The more we react to her behavior, the more she will behave this way. Fortunately, the media does not stay on a story for too long. In another week or two some other celebrity is going to do something stupid, and everyone's going to occupy themselves with that for a few weeks. And so on.

I'm sure many believers out there are slandering the poor girl for her sudden change. Personally, I feel sorry for her. She's grasping at straws in order to keep her name relevant. It's the story of every child star to either fade into obscurity or go out of their minds. My hope always lies on obscurity. I can't even begin to understand what it feels like to live under the eyes of the masses. The pressure must be crushing.

Let us take this moment to pray for these celebrities to find peace through means other than drugs. Let us pray that they realize their potential away from the cameras. Let us pray that they break free from Hollywood's impossible expectations. Let us pray they find salvation! Amen. 

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