Sunday, August 25, 2013

The One Year Bible Challenge

It is astonishing how many Christians today do not read their scripture everyday. If an unbeliever asked you a question about a verse, could you answer it? Would you understand the context? I remember a time when a friend of mine challenged my decision not to have children. He thought all Christians were required by the Bible to have many children.

"Be fruitful and multiply," he quoted smugly.

Fortunately, I knew to which verse he was referring. Genesis 1:28. God was speaking to Noah directly after the Ark landed on dry land. God had charged him to repopulate the planet after wiping out the world's population. From the looks of things, I say Noah has done a great job already. I wish I could say that argument was a victory for me. However, there will be no victory until I convince him that God is real and Scripture is true. In order for that to happen I must stay knowledgeable about scripture.

In today's technically savvy world Google makes it easier than ever to study the Word of God. Any verse you want is at your fingertips. One of my favorite websites is It provides the entire Bible in 35 English translations. There is no excuse for us not to read our Bibles every day. It's easy if you put your mind to it. As easy as taking a few minutes from Facebook browsing and opening a new tab to BibleGateway or any of the vast online resources.

BibleGateway has a page devoted to helping you read the entire Bible in one year. All you have to do is read this page daily: Of course, you don't have to read the Bible online. You can always take your Bible off the shelf and read in the comfort of your living room next to a roaring fire. It only takes the average reading 15-20 minutes to read three to four chapters or eighty verses.

I understand it is difficult to break into a new habit. It takes dedication and discipline. However, the rewards are great. It will provide you with the knowledge you need to answer difficult questions and live your life according to the Gospels.

Today is as good as any to start.


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